Spring 2006


Snowboarding, Acting, and Looking Gorgeous... Tanja Reichert is the Canadian version of a ‘Triple Threat’

By Brad McNeil

There’s an advantage to women like Tanja Reichert that you only seem to find on the west coast-they do things. Not content to sit around and be beautiful all day (at which she is very successful), this is a woman who will snowboard. If you’ve never seen a girl, cheeks flushed with excitement and chill, begging you for one more run, you’ve never known love.

If she looks familiar, it’s because Tanja has been very busy the last few years. You’ve caught her on Relic Hunter, you’ve seen her on CSI Miami, she was in Legally Blonde 2 and yes, that was her on Desperate Housewives. Add to all of these the fact that Tanja lived in Vancouver during the boom years of movies and TV and you’ll know that her resume rivals that of any actor she’ll meet while she’s in LA.

But we still appreciate Tanja for her beauty. Stare into those big blue eyes for a while and you’ll know that this girl has you figured out. Don’t worry though; you’ll have lots of movies to remember her by once she’s left you behind. Visit for more photos and info on our Ummalicious Lady of Spring.

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