December/ January 2003


The New Scream Queen
Tanja Reichert…Nothing Scary About Her

If you took a handful of Tanja Reichert’s acting gigs and looked at their plot lines, you might think that this chick loves a good scare. First there was Scary Movie, then a dual role in the film The Meeksville Ghost; and television roles in Poltergeist: The Legacy and Beyond Belief. With all that work in frightening fare, it is little wonder that she jumped at the chance to star in the creepy adult slasher flick Club Dread. (We will say the most frightening flick she starred in was Head Over Heals with Freddie Prinze Jr, but that is just us.) We refer to Club Dread as an “adult slasher ” flick, because this movie should not be confused with the likes of Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Tanja has assured us that this is a little more mature than your typical teeny bopper scare fare. We were sold on the project once we learned that Tanja got naked!

What’s up Tanja?
Well I just got back from spending four weeks shooting for Club Dread in Mexico. I am playing a chef named Kelly. I get killed…but a lot of people get killed, so it is not just me.

Well, there goes the surprise. How did you handle the food and drinking water down in Mexico?
It took a little while to get used to, but I did okay. It’s nice to be back home though.

I’ll bet. That’s why I only drink tequila when I am down there.
(Laughing) Yeah…

So, other than people dying, what is the premise of the movie?
Club Dread is about this guy…well, wait. Do you know who Jimmy Buffet is? I ask because I didn’t know who he was, but I guess this movie’s main character is supposed to be a guy like Jimmy Buffet. He is this older guy, named Coconut Pete, who opens up this resort on an island. Bill Paxton plays Coconut Pete. Basically, this island is the place where all the teens and kids come to party. It is more of an adult film…just because it is really witty and…it will just appeal to an older audience.

Do you like to watch scary movies? (I feel like a tool even asking that question.)
Horror movies? You know what? I’ll tell you…scary movies really frighten me. I get so nervous, for me it’s not enjoyable. I don’t really like it all. I’ll jump and I scream really loudly. When What Lies Beneath was in the movie theatres, my boyfriend at the time made me go see it. I didn’t want to go, but he said it wouldn’t be that bad. Well, let me tell you, I dug my nails into him so hard during that movie!

What about while filming? Did you ever get freaked out?
Not really while filming. It’s not scary while you are shooting scenes. I will say that I did get creeped out a few times when we weren’t filming because at the resort, we had these little individual villas. They were really jungly and there was a big distance between each of them. That is when I would get scared, when I was off by myself. Especially knowing the script of the movie…that made it worse!

What’s this I hear about a nude scene?
Yeah…I just did a nude scene for this movie and I was really on the fence about it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it, because I had kind of decided that I wasn’t going to do that anymore unless it was artsy. Then my manager talked to me and the director assured me that it would be done tastefully, so I decided to do it. I figured I may as well do it while I am young. Plus there was another girl in the scene with me, that made it better.

Oh, so you like being naked with other women,,,
No! You know what I mean. I figure it is better if you are not the only person there. That way there are four things to look at instead of just the two of them.

Yeah…the more the merrier! You chicks don’t get competitive or anything?
I have heard a lot of stories about girls being catty at auditions and things, but I haven’t really experienced that. Once, I was at my gym in Vancouver and I ran into this girl I knew who was an actress. I was on the Stairmaster and she said, “I don’t do the Stairmaster any more because I think it makes my legs look fatter.” I couldn’t believe she said that!

Do you worry about maintaining your looks, or do you just plan on starting to attend those Botox parties and stuff?
I don’t really think about it. I don’t think I could do Boxtox though…it’s scary. When I think about the fact that they dilute it with other things to cut costs. It’s is scary that its botulism! I heard about this trick that if you want to stop yourself from wrinkling your forehead you can just put scotch tape on your forehead. I don’t know if it works, but if you see me walking around with scotch tape on my head, you’ll know why.

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