March 2006


Who knew Canada could get this hot?

The truth behind the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: “I play a B movie actress who is trying to get ahead in Hollywood. The running theme throughout the movie is how fucked up L.A. girls are. I meet Robert Downey Jr.’s character at a party and I think he can help me out. It is really funny. There’s a scene where my character gets a role in a horror movie. I’m having sex with a guy and this monster comes in and rips my head off.”

Be aware when she’s bare in the boudoir: “I like candles. Having the lights on is OK, but bright fluorescent lighting is not for me. It’s not like I enjoy being in the dark, but I kind of like to see what’s going on.”

Fashion tip: “The thought of a guy wearing really tight briefs is kind of creepy.”


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