August 2003



Hype Strap on Your Pop Goggles and Go
First lady Tanja Reichert
Photographed by Craig Decristo at L2 Agency

You can see this beauty in the upcoming Broken Lizard’s Club Dread. But she won’t see you. Unless it’s one of those magic movie screens.

In high school you studied in Japan. What was that like?
It was a very interesting experience. I’ll give you the dirt on Japan. There are a lot of flashers over there.

Do tell!
I want to a private all-girls school, and it was guarded. But there would constantly be situations with guys on rooftops or balconies flashing the students. There are some really perverted people out there.

Short ones, too! Speaking of which, how do Japanese men measure up? Are they smaller?
They are proportional.

You used to be a fitness instructor. Has the Hollywood lifestyles made you soft?
I think I’m exceptionally fit, and I consider myself an athlete. I exercise a lot and really enjoy it. And I love men who take exercise seriously, because it’s something that I enjoy doing with a partner.

Besides a good workout schedule, what do you look for in a mate?
I like the guys who can handle me. I’ve settled down quite a bit, but I still have that side of me that just needs somebody to make sure I don’t get out of hand.

What can we expect from your upcoming movie Broken Lizard’s Club Dread?
It’s basically an island-resort movie, but it’s got a bit of a horror twist to it. I play Chef Kelly, and another girl and I start off the movie. It is a very memorable scene.

We remember it already! – Laura Leu

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