July-August 2002

My Personal Style

Tanja Reichert is not afraid of taking chances. “I’m a high stakes kind of woman. It’s all or nothing for me.” Tanja’s career is proof of her words as she is fearlessly gaining exposure and recognition in both film and television. The Vancouver native has recently starred in such movies as Head Over Heals (as Freddie Prinze Jr’s undercover FBI partner) and the horror-spoof cult hit Scary Movie.

Tanja can currently be seen as Karen Petrusky on the popular television show Relic Hunter opposite Tia Carrere. Definitely an actress to look out , Tanja shares with us what she looks for in a man’s appearance.


  1. The Red Violin. It was a great concept and it really moved me.
  2. True Romance. It was an intensively wild ride.
  3. Run Lola Run. Best jogging movie since Chariots of Fire.
  4. Almost Famous. Kate Hudson gave an incredibly inspiring performance.
  5. The Shawshank Redemption. It was so full of power and intelligence.


  1. Sarah McLachlan, Remixed. The best CD to work out.
  2. Maxwell, Urban Hang Suite. It is so full of soul.
  3. Portishead, Dummy. It is lo/fi at its best.
  4. Angelique Kidjo, Oremi. The album is unique and the music creates a cool atmosphere.
  5. Miles Davis, Kind of Blue. This is the perfect lounging CD.


  1. Mollie Katzen, Vegetable Heaven. I love to cook and there are incredible recipes to try in there.
  2. Caroline Myss, PHD, Anatomy of the Spirit. It opened my perspective to the power of the mind and body.
  3. Ralph Golan, MD, Optimal Wellness. My favorite topics to read about are health and nutrition. This is a very comprehensive reference book.
  4. Michael Ondaatje, In the Skin of the Lion. This book is so poetic and I loved the English Patient.
  5. Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild things Are. This has been my favorite since childhood.


  1. 1. Ice cream. Self explanatory!
  2. Sushi. There are so many interesting textures and flavors.
  3. Smoothies. I make killer ones!
  4. Crepes. I adore dessert crepes, especially for breakfast!
  5. In & Out burgers. These are the best if I decide to indulge in a fast food binge.

Style Men

  1. Individually. I love when a man has his own unique style.
  2. Good shoes. These reveal a lot about a man.
  3. 5 o’clock shadow. I find them extremely sexy.
  4. Clothes that fit well. I like to get an idea of what is underneath - but nothing too tight!
  5. Definitely not briefs. Got it?

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