June 2004

The Reich Stuff
Canadian Tanja Reichert gives us the chills.

Words by David Cook, Photos by Peter Svenson

“I am supernatural,” Canadian model and actress Tanja Reichert informs us when we ask if she’s a believer in ghosts ‘of course I believe.’ What, so you’re actually a malevolent spirit then? ‘No, not really. But I did play a succubus in Poltergeist: The Legacy.’ A succubus is, of course, a demon that has sex with a man while he sleeps and does a swifty with his soul. If Tanja’s going to be involved, it sounds like a terrific way to go.

Tanja’s been in other supernatural flicks, too. Take The Meeksville Ghost, in which she played both a present-day woman and a ghost lady from the Victorian past. ‘I couldn’t have imagined what women wore under their clothes,’ she says of getting kitted out in the gear. ‘ I wore the real deal, corset and petticoat. It was quite a spectacle getting dressed – I certainly couldn’t do it on my own.’

So, Tanj, if we can call you that, speak to us of your newest flick, Club Dread.
‘It’s an adult slasher flick,’ she says. ‘My character’s called Kelly. The movie’s set on hedonistic resort called Pleasure Island and all hell breaks loose.’ Sounds nasty. Like your average Butin’s. You also popped up in Legally Blonde 2 alongside Reese Witherspoon. Who’d win in all-blonde punch-up? ‘Ooh, that’d be a close call. I’m a hair- puller, but she’s a biter. May the lighter blonde win.’

Right, you used to be a fitness instructor. What is the quickest way to shift a beer belly?
‘Skipping, jumping jacks or running for 20 minutes. It elevates your heart rate for six hours. Do it again six hours later, you’re burning fat for 12 hours. Do it every day and the belly will disappear. And push-ups bring your chest out and make your stomach look smaller. Or you could just shift to a lighter lager and less of them.’

So, let’s do some quickfire questions.
You’re into snowboarding, what’s your favourite stunt? ‘I can apply lipstick while bombing a chute.’ We have no idea what that means. What’s your biggest turn-off? ‘The light switch in my bedroom.’ Hmm. And if you could teach men one thing, what would it be? ‘Just let us win. It’s easier in the long run.’


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